What are ELD services ? 

ELD services are given to students who are classified as English Language Learners. After ELPAC testing takes place, proficiency levels are determined for each child 


Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Aldi work with the teachers to create a schedule that best fits the needs of their students. As they closely monitor their progress, they modify their lessons and instructions based on the areas of weakness that are identified.


Their ELD instruction is done in small group settings, with the occasional 1 on 1 time. Room 5 encourages students to make mistakes and challenges students to ask questions and be advocates of their own learning. During their sessions, students are able to have their lessons taught to them at slower pace. They utilize this time to study for tests, as they review concepts that were difficult to grasp the first time around. Additionally, Aimee and Cynthia hone in on fine-tuning the students’  writing skills as they found it to be an area of difficulty for many students with bilingual backgrounds.